Support Townspeople During the 3rd Annual San Diego Gives

Blue text on a faded background photo of the courtyard and several units of a Townspeople property. Text says, "Everyone deserves a home." Color logos of San Diego Gives and Townspeople appear in the bottom left and right corners of the graphic, respectively.

Townspeople is participating in San Diego Gives 2023, a region-wide fundraising campaign for San Diego-based nonprofits that culminates on Thursday, September 7, 2023, known as San Diego Gives Day. 

Our goal is to raise $500 between now and 11:59 p.m. on September 7. Funds raised during this campaign will help us serve more of San Diego’s growing unhoused population, citizens who are facing more harassment and injustice because of a recently-passed Encampment Ban. We’ll be able to provide longer emergency housing stays to more individuals in need who are also living with HIV/AIDS, help more unhoused seniors and families navigate the housing process, provide more clients–including veterans–with frequently-requested items to help them thrive daily, and more.

Please donate $25 or more today and get involved in raising awareness of our San Diego Gives fundraising drive by resharing our San Diego Gives social media posts, using sample language from our peer-to-peer toolkit to text and email friends about the campaign, asking your church to promote Townspeople’s San Diego Gives campaign in it’s weekly community bulletin, and/or asking your company or employer to match your donation to Townspeople.

All donations made to Townspeople’s San Diego Gives page are tax deductible. Please donate today and spread the word!