Housing Resources

Discover a Path to Housing Stability: Unlocking Additional Resources for Your Journey Home.

Townspeople is here to support you through our programs and by connecting you with additional housing resources that can make a significant difference in your search for a home.

Explore a World of Housing Resources:

Local Support Networks

There are numerous local organizations, agencies, and community partners specializing in housing services. These invaluable resources can offer you guidance, assistance, and access to various housing opportunities tailored to your needs. Please call 2-1-1 or visit 211SanDiego.org to see what is available for you.

Government Assistance Programs

San Diego County has six Public Housing Authorities that can provide you with information and support to navigate programs such as Housing Choice Vouchers (i.e., Section 8), rapid rehousing initiatives, and other subsidized housing options. These programs help make housing more affordable and accessible, ensuring you have a better chance of finding a safe and stable place to call home.

Online Housing Directories

In this digital age, online housing directories have become invaluable tools for finding available housing options.

Storm-Related Information and Resources

Visit The County of San Diego’s Alert San Diego, The City of San Diego, and The San Diego Housing Commission for current information and resources to prepare for the next storm predicted to impact San Diego.

HIV/AIDS Resources

Empowering Lives, Embracing Community: Discover Essential Resources for People Living with HIV/AIDS.

If you or someone you know is living with HIV/AIDS, please check out the list below detailing many community resources available to provide comprehensive support.

Unleash the Power of Community:

Healthcare Excellence

Accessing quality healthcare is vital for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. San Diego’s community resources includes renowned healthcare providers, clinics, and specialized programs that focus on HIV/AIDS care. With their expertise, you can confidently manage your health and thrive.

Supportive Services

San Diego has numerous community organizations and nonprofits offering various supportive services. These services may include case management, mental health counseling, substance abuse programs, nutrition assistance, and transportation services.

Advocacy and Education

Awareness and education are essential components in the fight against HIV/AIDS. San Diego’s community partners conduct educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and foster a supportive community for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Veterans Resources

Honoring Our Heroes: Discover Vital Community Resources for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness.

Townspeople recognizes and profoundly values the service and sacrifice of our Veterans. Veterans experiencing homelessness face unique challenges, and we want to help raise awareness about the critical community resources available to support and empower you on your journey toward stable housing and a brighter future.

Unleash the Strength of Community:

Housing Solutions

Community resources include specialized housing programs explicitly designed for Veterans experiencing homelessness. These programs offer a range of options, including transitional housing, rapid rehousing initiatives, and permanent supportive housing.

Employment and Education Support

Regaining self-sufficiency is a crucial goal for Veterans experiencing homelessness. San Diego resources connect you to job training programs, educational opportunities, and employment assistance services. These initiatives equip you with the skills and resources to secure stable employment and achieve long-term financial independence.

Peer Support and Community Engagement

Building a sense of camaraderie and belonging is crucial for Veterans exiting homelessness. In San Diego, there are peer support groups, community engagement programs, and Veteran-centered activities where you can connect with fellow Veterans who understand your experiences. By joining these initiatives, you can build strong bonds, find support, and contribute to a vibrant Veterans community.

    • National Call Center for Homeless Veterans: (877) 4AID-VET
    • VA Caregiver Support Line: (855) 260-3274
    • VA San Diego Healthcare: (858) 552-8585
    • Veterans Crisis Line: (800) 273-TALK
    • Wounded Warrior Resource Center: (800) 342-9647
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