Providing San Diegans with vital assistance during a housing crisis

Emergency Housing

Are you living with HIV/AIDS and in need of safe, secure temporary housing?

Our emergency housing program prioritizes your privacy and well-being. We’ll connect you with a private motel room where you can rest, recharge, and regain a sense of security, and help you navigate community resources for permanent housing.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness and living with HIV/AIDS, please email us at [email protected].

About Townspeople

Since 1984, Townspeople has been a trusted ally, starting with our commitment to serving individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Our expanded mission includes people experiencing homelessness and living with medical needs, including HIV/AIDS. We aim to ensure you have access to safe, affordable housing and the vital services you need to achieve the quality of life you envision.

Reach out to Townspeople today and discover a community of compassionate individuals ready to help you access housing and vital resources. Together, we can end homelessness and pave the way for a livelihood you deserve.

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“To all the staff at Townspeople: I would like to state how much you guys have given me. Upon coming to Townspeople, I had no idea how my life would turn out. I knew I wanted something good for myself and wanted to feel free and independent. When I came into Townspeople’s office for the first time after getting on their waiting list, I was patiently told by my case manager to report to the Impact program, which allowed me to get my place at Townspeople. I moved in within a month later.

After moving into the apartment, I could experience the respect of having my own place after living in someone else’s place for so long. Townspeople have given me my life back. I became a great Mother to my son and watched him grow and make it through his obstacles and struggles. I was able to stand firm and accomplish my goal. I graduated with my associate degree and got my teaching license. I worked part-time at San Diego City College as a teacher’s assistant. I lived on Townspeople’s property for five years, and I highly thank them for allowing me to become a great success story. My life today has allowed me to grow and become independent. Thanks to Townspeople, I no longer have the fear of feeling that I can’t accomplish anything in life.

I received all I could from Townspeople and realized it was time to move on. I now have a new place that I love so much. I am nine years clean and sober. I work hard daily to maintain my recovery, no matter what. Today I give back to the community what was so freely given to me. Thank you, Townspeople.”

“Since I have been with Townspeople, I have been doing very well physically; I have taken my medication daily, working out at the gym several times a week, and eating well. I have been doing well spiritually, attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, regularly seeing my sponsor, doing my step work, and focusing on a positive way of thinking and behaving daily. I now have 3 ½ years clean and sober! I have been working well, building amazing, healthy business relationships. In return, I have been doing pretty well financially, and I was able to buy a car. Educationally I have been doing well too. I will earn my associate degree in business administration next spring. Thank you.”

“I want to thank Townspeople for everything they have done for me. When I was homeless and had lost my place, Denise helped me with Emergency Housing. The whole organization helped me when I was down. Being in Emergency Housing has helped me find my place and be stable. I will be moving into a studio, and none of this could have been possible without the help of Townspeople staff. I want townspeople to continue helping others in the community just like they helped me. I thank God for putting this organization and nice people in my path.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m so entirely grateful for the help I have gotten from the staff here at Townspeople. Denise has been my lifesaver. She has made such a positive impact on my life. Denise is truly an angel, my angel! Your entire staff is passionate, caring, and very dedicated to helping others in our time of need. I’m going to look into returning to school to become an advocate. Everyone here at Townspeople has inspired me to be better. Thank you so so much!!”

Our Services

Affordable Housing

Townspeople recognizes the urgent need to tackle this crisis head-on. With compassion and determination, we provide solutions that relieve those affected by the housing shortage. Our mission is to create affordable housing opportunities that empower individuals and families to regain stability and thrive.

Emergency Housing

We provide you with a private motel room, which means you'll have a safe space to call your own where you can rest, recharge, and regain a sense of security. We recognize that overcoming homelessness requires comprehensive support. Together with your Medical Case Manager, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing is a proven approach designed specifically for individuals experiencing homelessness living with a disability who require ongoing support to achieve long-term well-being. It combines safe and affordable housing with comprehensive support services tailored to your needs.

San Diego Shared Housing Collaborative

Finding safe and affordable housing should be a collective effort. Together with property owners and service providers from across the region, the SDSHC aims to connect individuals experiencing homelessness with compatible housemates and rental housing through a robust online matching platform.

Housing Navigation

Our personalized housing navigation services for people experiencing homelessness in San Diego and living with HIV/AIDS will help you explore various housing options and reach your permanent housing goals.

HIV/AIDS Support

Across each service is our foundational commitment to supporting San Diegans living with HIV/AIDS. Examples include working with clinics to ensure you receive the necessary medical support (e.g., PrEP and PEP), and with service providers and community organizations that provide gender-affirming care to LGBTQIA clients.

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